Hurry Up!! 1 Million Immigrants by 2020-2022 are needed to support 5 million Canadians retiring by 2035. In 2020 alone, we are looking at around 341,000 new immigrants to land in Canada. This is a massive news! In fact, among all countries, Canada is the easiest to Immigrate and offer one of the best benefits to permanent residents and immigrants.

However, applying and becoming a Canadian PR takes a lot of effort, hardwork and most specially optimism. No matter what immigration program comes in, no matter how much your CRS score is, no matter which pathway you apply under, the most important thing is to keep your optimism alive at all times! As a matter of fact, it is ones attitude that will bring us to where we wanna be and so having a positive attitude plays a very important role in becoming a Canadian PR that’s why in this video, we start the year with big optimism and really imbibing the spirit of a Canadian Immigrant.

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Video for Canada Successful Immigration and Express Entry 2020

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A real mental attitude of a Canadian Immigrant is optimism and failing many times without losing enthusiasm. I myself have failed so many times in life but I always keep my optimism that’s why I’m able to achieve my short and long term goals and I personally believe that everyone will for as long as they have a positive attitude towards their goals.

Another thing is Canadian Immigration is all about mastering the basics and building a strong foundation in terms of acquiring knowledge from any sources (youtube, google, facebook) that’s why in this video we talk about the most important thing – which is the basics of Canadian Immigration and tips for success. Basic matter most. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll dive in to the best tips for a successful Canadian Immigration in 2020.

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Also, in this video, we will demonstrate the following through a screen recording:

1. Cost of Application for Canadian PR

2. Proof of Funds Update 2020

3. Step by Step process to apply for PR

4. IELTS registration

5. WES registration

6. Tips for a successful Immigration in 2020

Here are the links for your convenience:

NOC Code:…

Here are the links for your convenience:

NOC Code:


British Council:


Educational Assessment/ ECA Report


Donations ๐Ÿ™‚

Canadian Resume:

Canadian Resume Template

Express Entry (Step-by-step) (CRS Calculator)

How to Create Express Entry Profile

Express Entry Round of Invitations Cost

Proof of Funds

CRS Score Calculator

Express Entry Profile Creation:

Explore Canada Immigration Pathways

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