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Alberta Express Entry Stream

alberta express entry stream canada
Alberta Express Entry is a part of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP), which is a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) run by the government of Alberta.

Applicants are chosen from the federal Express Entry pool and invited to apply for nomination by the province through the Alberta Express Entry stream (AEES). The program’s particular selection process has not been made public; nonetheless, all Express Entry candidates will be evaluated.

What is the Alberta Express Entry Stream selection and notification process?

Alberta may pick applicants and send them a Notification of Interest letter through their Express Entry profile based on available profile information on the federal Express Entry site.

If you get a Notification of Interest letter from Alberta and wish to be assessed for this stream, you should submit a copy of the letter along with additional information to the AINP within two weeks of receipt of the letter.

If you match the selection criteria, there is no assurance that you will get a Notification of Interest letter or be invited to apply.
The volume of applicants matching these qualifications, the nature of entries in AINP processing queues, and the number of available nominations all have an impact on the notification of interest letters and requests to apply.

You may be sent a Notification of Interest letter if:

  • you have an Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool that is active;
  • the primary employment in your Express Entry profile is an occupation that contributes to economic development and diversification of the province of Alberta;
  • you’ve expressed an interest in relocating to Alberta permanently; and
  • you have a Comprehensive Ranking System score of at least 300.

Hitting some or all the adaptability criteria listed below may also help boost your chances of obtaining a Notification of Interest, like if:

  • you have a job offer from Alberta;
  • you have completed post-secondary education in Canada;
  • you have a parent, kid, or sibling who is a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen who lives in Alberta;
  • your first language is French.

In contrast, the following factors may hurt your chances of receiving a Notification of Interest:

  • Your Express Entry profile will expire in less than 5 months; and
  • in your federal Express Entry profile, your principal occupation is:
    ○ is on the online Government of Canada Refusal to Process a Labour Market Impact Assessment list of high-wage and low-wage vocations in the province of Alberta;
    ○ is on the list of Ineligible Occupations for the Alberta Opportunity Stream; or
    ○ has a large number of submissions from all AINP streams.

How do I apply to the Alberta Express Entry Stream?

1. Respond to the letter of Notification of Interest (NOI).
2. Receive an application request from the AINP to join this stream.
3. Read the terms and conditions carefully.
4. Examine the eligibility criteria.
5. Fill up your online application and pay the application cost.

Expect your application to be processed in at least three months, although it might take longer based on a variety of circumstances such as application quality (completeness, eligibility, outdated application information/documents), amount of applications received, and so on.

What should my CRS Score be?

To give you an idea, here are the ten draws of the Alberta Express Entry Stream.


Draw DateHow many Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters were sent?What was the lowest-ranked candidate’s CRS score that received an NOI letter?
24 November 2021100350
09 November 2021200343
26 October 2021248300
12 October 2021293300
30 September 2021275300
21 September 2021450300
14 September 2021385300
7 September 2021500300
30 August 2021400301
23 August 2021450300
10 August 2021396300
27 July 2021148300
14 July 2021181301
29 June 2021148302
16 June 2021184300
5 June 2021191300
18 May 2021250301

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