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An International Student’s Guide to Living in Canada

Have you made the decision to study in Canada? We can tell you that you have chosen an excellent decision. Canada has so much to offer, and as a foreign student, you will have lots of new and exciting adventures to make in Canada.

Although Canada is a Westernized country, you may expect to encounter several distinct features that are specific to the Canadian way of life.

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Your Initial Days in Canada

You’ve made it all the way to Canada, with all of your possessions and an university acceptance letter in hand, but what now?

We recommend coming a few days before registration begins to give yourself plenty of time to adjust to your new surroundings. If you live in student housing, you should strive to get in as soon as possible.

Orientation will be the most crucial aspect of your first few days. Find the International Students office at your university, and an expert will take care of your registration before touring you around the campus. Take advantage of this chance to ask as many questions about the campus and amenities as possible.

Make sure you have your student identity card in order before the start of the semester. This personalised card will get you access to your dorm room, library, and dining hall, among other things.

When the Semester Begins

Your life will become quite hectic once term begins. With all of your new lectures and learning the ropes, this is also the period when your social activities truly kick up.

This is your chance to meet new people and immerse yourself in campus life! The university frequently plans organised parties and social events, although many dormitories also arrange their own private gatherings. Meeting new people might be daunting, but keep in mind that every other first-year student is in the same boat as you.

Working in an organization, club or sports group is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about the campus. Most universities have clubs for all interests, whether you want to have fun or expand your knowledge.

If you like the outdoors and want to challenge yourself, try skiing and snowboarding and immerse yourself in the Canadian lifestyle! Curling and ice hockey are arguably two of Canada’s most popular sports. Ice hockey is so popular in Canada that it has its own museum.

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Take on a part-time Job

Canada is a great country, but it’s also expensive. As an international student, your visa requirements allow you to work several hours each week. Apply for a job at a local student cafe or library and earn extra money so you can actually explore your new home.

It is recommended that you gain as much work experience as possible while studying. This experience can put you in a better position to do a good job after graduation.

Discover Canada

The best thing about studying abroad is to enjoy everything that the new country offers. One of the best parts of Canada is that public transportation is efficient and effective. In short, it’s easy to move and affordable. Most cities in Canada also have private bike lanes, allowing residents to enjoy their time outdoors while exercising.

students, both international and local, can have a lifetime experience in Canada. There are many reasons to choose Canada for your overseas adventure.

Higher Prospects for Canada Immigration 

Canada provides several chances for outstanding youngsters to stay in the nation after completing their education and capitalise on the job prospects available in the country. Canadian citizenship can also be obtained later on provided the requirements are met.


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