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ZT Canada is a team, and you will be meeting with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), a Canadian licensed professional who can legally advise you with your immigration questions and concerns.



Please keep in mind that we are not a recruitment or job placement agency and so do not provide direct jobs. However, as a consulting firm, we can offer guidance to assist you increase your chances of landing a job in Canada. We are delighted to assist you with your immigration and employment concerns in Canada. In fact, if you decide to retain us for Legal Immigration Services, we would gladly add the consultation cost to the Legal Representation fee.

Also note that we do not offer refunds, instead we keep your payment in our deposit account so that you can later on use it to other ZT Canada Services including Legal Representation, Job Coaching and Training and Canadian Resume Services.

Also, please take note that the time zone we used in booking this schedule is Toronto Time (EST). In case you won’t be able to attend this meeting, please advise us 24 hours prior to your appointment time for rescheduling.

The RCIC will be online at the exact scheduled time. Please log in to the session at least 2 minutes early so that the discussion can begin promptly. We will send you an email reminder a day before your scheduled appointment.

In a few minutes, you will receive an email with the details of your Consultation.


For Canadian Jobs and Employment Concerns

So you’ve been applying for Canadian Jobs but not getting any interview calls or you wanted to Immigrate through the Pilot Programs but your efforts of finding a Job isn’t working. Truth be told, there is something missing in your resume and cover letter.

Not only your skills and experience but also your personal branding must reflect on both of your resume and cover letter. We are here to help you build a solid and powerful resume and cover letter that stands out and increases your chance of landing a Canadian Job Interview.


Get your Canadian Resume, Cover Letter and Improved LinkedIn Profile Now



Why use ZT Canada Immigration Firm


Credibility and Reputation

ZT Canada has been helping thousands of aspiring immigration candidates through its social media platforms and it continues to do so thru multiple immigration portals, sites and services. With its strong social media presence and dedication to help others succeed, ZT Canada continues to stay committed to assist applicants in achieving their Canadian Immigration goal.

Honesty, Reliability and Integrity

ZT Canada has been receiving complaints from people who have been scammed by fake immigration consultants and untrustworthy immigration agencies. ZT Canada stands to stop this malpractice and misconduct that is causing applicants to lose money, time and opportunity. With ZT Canada, you are in safe and trustworthy hands, bounded by the Canada immigration rules, regulations and professional insurances.

Improved Application Processing

ZT Canada is highly action-oriented and strongly focuses on achievement of our mutual goal. We implement a step-by-step approach and provides extremely detailed information and guidance so you can be assured that you get the top most benefits from our services in making ZT Canada, the favorite brand of applicants choosing to immigrate to Canada.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

ZT Canada guarantees that your application is complete and thoroughly reviewed in multiple levels, not allowing any required important documents to be missed that can cause application refusal. ZT Canada is strict in protecting your time, money and effort.

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