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British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

British columbia entrepreneur stream
British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration is a series of immigration streams offered by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), which is run by the province of British Columbia.

The BC Entrepreneur immigration streams are aimed towards foreign nationals who have shown experience running and managing businesses and who want to invest their money and knowledge in business opportunities in British Columbia.

Candidates for BC Entrepreneur immigration must buy a new or established enterprise in BC and become active participants in the day-to-day operation of the BC enterprise.

The entrepreneurial streams provide chances for affluent people with company management skills, as well as rich foreign-owned firms planning to broaden their influence within British Columbia.

The government of British Columbia will ultimately provide a provincial nomination to successful candidates, which will assist applications for Canadian permanent residency.

The three streams of British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration are as follows:

BC Entrepreneur Stream
The British Columbia Entrepreneur stream is designed for seasoned company managers and owners who want to reside permanently in British Columbia. Applicants must have prior managerial experience as well as substantial personal net worth.

Applicants who are successful will be expected to invest in the acquisition and operation of a new or existing BC business. The applicant becomes eligible for Canadian permanent residency after demonstrating the effective running of a BC business.

Interested and eligible candidates must first create a profile with the BC PNP, and then they will be given a score based on the British Columbia Entrepreneur Ranking System. Applicants with the highest competitive scores will be invited to apply to the program on a formal basis.

Foreign-controlled firms interested in establishing a branch office or operational facility in British Columbia may be eligible to apply for an Entrepreneur grant via the Strategic Projects program. This project permits forward-thinking businesses to relocate up to 5 international employees to British Columbia to actively manage the planned operation.

BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Stream
The BC PNP’s BC Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who wish to invest in and operate a firm in British Columbia. Applicants must be recommended by one of the participating communities in British Columbia.

Candidates who are interested must first create a profile with the BC PNP, after which they will be awarded a score based on the British Columbia Regional Entrepreneur Pilot Ranking System.

Those with the highest competitive scores will then be invited to apply to the program on a formal basis. Foreign entrepreneurs may also be interested in the BC Entrepreneur PNP’s base category.

BC Strategic Projects Stream
British Columbia Strategic Projects invites established foreign-owned businesses looking to create a new division or operations in British Columbia.

Businesses must demonstrate their capacity to create substantial annual income while managing massive employee groups. Successful organizations will be expected to relocate key personnel to British Columbia to oversee their new proposed operation.

These essential employees become eligible for Canadian permanent residency after demonstrating the successful functioning of their BC business.

Companies that are interested in participating must first contact BC PNP to discuss their proposal.

Following the initial conversation, the firm must register a profile with the BC PNP, which will be reviewed by officials to guarantee completeness and eligibility before encouraging the company to submit an official application.

At any moment, qualifying organizations can apply to the BC Strategic Projects stream. Prospective businesses must contact the BC PNP to learn more about the program, propose a business concept, and express their interest in applying.

There is a registration cost of $300 CAD. If the BC PNP finds that the firm and each of the suggested key personnel are qualified for the program, the company will be invited to submit a full application. There is a $3,500 CAD corporate application processing charge plus an extra $1,000 CAD for each proposed key staff member.

If the application is successful, the BC PNP will invite all suggested key personnel to an interview in Vancouver. After the interview, the authorized signing authority for the firm will sign a performance agreement with British Columbia.

Following the signing of the performance agreement, the BC PNP will provide a work permit support letter to each essential staff member.

These work permit support letters will subsequently be used by key staff members to apply for a two-year temporary work permit from IRCC. If the work permit applications are accepted, important personnel will arrive in British Columbia to carry out the company strategy.

If such a company satisfies all of the terms of the performance agreement, the BC PNP will nominate each important employee for permanent residency.

Upon obtaining a provincial nomination, important personnel have 6 months to file a federal application for Canadian permanent residency.

Key personnel must prepare and transmit a paper-based application for permanent residency to the designated application center. In general, paper-based PNP applications for permanent residency are handled within 18 months.

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