A lot of people have immigrated to this province and this pathway has been around for a long time but only a very few people are aware about this so without further ado, let’s watch this video together.

But before doing so, just a very quick look at some information regarding this Pathway.

1. Lots and lots of immigrants had come to Canada to this province through this pathway and the good thing is that “IT IS” open to all NOC skill types so whether you are a skilled worker that means NOC Skill Type 0, A or B or un-skilled worker that is NOC Skill Type C and D you are very much welcome to apply under this pathway.

2. The province where this pathway can be found, is very very welcoming to the community. In fact, they are very helpful to small business owners and employers. Also, people are able to settle much much faster in this province than other provinces.

3. For International students, good news for you because you do not need a LMIA in order to transition from temporary to a permanent resident status.

Together let’s watch what this Province is and what pathway exactly this is.



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