Probably one of the most underrated Canadian Immigration Program is the Global Talent Stream. This stream started as a pilot
back in June 2017 and has since became a Permanent fixture for Canadian Immigration. To date, there’s been around 40,000+ skilled workers who had come to Canada through this stream. Certainly there are more to come specially in this times of Pandemic where talent is more needed in Canada than ever before.

I have prepared for you a video on how to Immigrate to Canada through this Stream. Feel free to play the video below to watch.

Let’s take a look at how employers hire workers from this stream so that we have an idea on how we can penetrate this program.

An employer may be eligible for Category A of the Global Talent Stream if it has been referred to the Global Talent Stream by 1 of the Stream’s designated partners and the company is hiring unique and specialized talent.

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On other other hand, an employer may be eligible for Category B of the Global Talent Stream if it is seeking to hire highly-skilled foreign workers to fill positions in occupations found on the Global Talent Occupations List. A referral is not required to be eligible for Category B.

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Let’s discuss more about what the Global Talent Stream is.

Global Talent Stream allows certain skilled workers to obtain a work permit within 10 days. It is part of the Global Skills Strategy which helps Canadian employers hire the right talent they needed quickly to get their business/operations running.
If you are a person who has the skillset that these employers are looking for, you are more likely to get hired under this stream than those who do not have the skillset. When sending an application, make sure your resume includes the skillset employers are looking for.

Now let’s have a look at one of the most asked questions about this Program.

Question: I have a Global Talent Stream (GTS) LMIA, do I have to do anything else to get two-week processing?

Answer: Yes. To get two-week processing, you must check your eligibility and:

– answer “Yes” when asked if you have a written offer from an employer in Canada

– select “a work permit with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)” when asked what type of work permit you are applying for

– answer “Yes” when asked if your employers LMIA was issued under the “Global Talent Stream” (applicants applying under the International Mobility Program don’t have to answer yes to this question)

– Apply online from outside Canada


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