According to World Health Organization, there are currently over 169 COVID-19 vaccine candidates under development, with 26 of these in the human trial phase. WHO is working in collaboration with scientists, business, and global health organizations through the ACT Accelerator to speed up the pandemic response. When a safe and effective vaccine is found, COVAX (led by WHOGAVI and  CEPI) will facilitate the equitable access and distribution of these vaccines to protect people in all countries. People most at risk will be prioritized.

On the other hand, openly contradicting the organization’s top health experts, U.S. President Donald Trump predicted Wednesday that a safe and effective vaccine against the coronavirus could be ready as early as next month and in mass distribution soon after, undermining the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and calling him “confused” in projecting a longer time frame, Global News Canada says.

Now going furthest to the east, in Beijing, Clinical trials have been progressing smoothly and preparations are being made to go into mass production, CDC’s chief biosafety expert Wu Guizhen says. Let’s take a look at the video from South China Morning Post below.

In your opinion, do you think a COVID Vaccine will be available by November if not October? Let me know in the comment section below. To me there is a great chance that this will be available by November and I am really hoping so not only for me to be able to travel and enjoy the world with no fear of catching the virus but mostly to stop the infection as hundreds if not thousands are dying every single day. These victims have family as well and I cannot imagine how painful it is for someone to lose a loved one. So let’s all pray and hope that a vaccine will be available very soon!

Moreover, with a Vaccine available, attitudes toward immigration will be more positive and Canadian economy will see a huge recovery. A lot of factors will be taken into account as Canada’s Future Immigration Levels Plan will be announced by November 1st, 2020.

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