Good News! Designated Employers Hiring right now! AIPP is another way to become Permanent Resident without CRS score which has been extended ’til Dec 2021 and could even be extended further. People are rushing and going after Designated Employers to get into the Program and I demo all the employers hiring right now!

I knew a lot of families have already moved to the Atlantic Province through this program after attending different sessions which I am explaining in detail in the video.

Video on how to Apply for AIPP

Please click the button below to watch the Full Video. Simply Search for the Title: EASIEST and FASTEST WAY TO IMMIGRATE TO CANADA – AIPP (ATLANTIC IMMIGRATION PILOT PROGRAM)

This video will tell you the steps you need to take to become a Permanent Resident under the AIPP (Starting from gathering your IELTS and ECA Report, to finding a designated employer until applying for PR.

Please watch the entire video so that you will completely understand and answer your questions/doubts such as below:

1. How can I become a Permanent Resident through this program and what are the steps I need to take to start this application?

2. I have a really low CRS Score and also a low IELTS score, this is my biggest chance, so what are the eligibility requirement?

3. I do not have enough money to show as proof of funds, so this program will help me to Canada for low Proof of funds?

4. Other programs take time to process, is this faster in terms of application process?

5. I already have an IELTS and ECA Report, do I have advantage over others in terms of getting a Job?

6. Is there a place to live once I move to Canada under this program?

7. I’m only high school graduate? Can I apply under this program?

8. I’m a truck driver and my wife is a food server so our NOC Skill Type is C. Our we eligible?

9. I’m an engineer and so my NOC Skill Type is A. Am I eligible?

10. What is a settlement plan and how can I get one?

11. How can I obtain an IELTS Report?

12. How can I obtain an ECA Report?

13. How can I apply for Permanent Residence after I got an Endorsement letter from the province?

14. Which category of AIPP I fall under?

15. What are the designated employers and I heard lots of people are getting job. Please give me the sessions! I need to join asap!

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