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Easy Pathway to Canada very few people know

Here is an easy pathway to Canada very few people know. This pathway allows both skilled and unskilled workers with IELTS score of CLB 4 to have an opportunity to Immigrate to Canada


Educational Video on how to become a PR under this pathway

  • Learn why this pathway is underrated and could possibly your stepping stone to move to Canada and become a PR
  • Learn what specific streams from various provinces you can apply for his particular category
  • Learn how you can strategize and plan so that you can come to Canada under this category
  • Realize that there certain skills that you can apply to and tailour your profile to the Job Requirement
  • Learn the different program duties and requirements which are very lenient
  • Learn the minimum required IELTS score to get in to the category
  • Learn the various jobs under this category
  • Understand the PR application process as the last stage on applying through this pathway
  • Learn how important it is for Liberal party to have won the election in terms of Immigration
  • How important the views of liberals are towards Canadian Immigration and economic development


Ready to Get a Job & Immigrate to Canada?

Discover your Options to Work and Immigrate to Canada! Apply Now!

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