Thousands of French-speaking immigrants every year come to Canada and settle in Francophone communities outside Quebec. Throughout their journey, many Francophone organizations across Canada support and encourage them in planning their new life.


What are the 3 main objectives the Francophone Immigration Strategy aims to achieve to support the vitality of Francophone communities?

1. Increase Francophone immigration to reach a target of 4.4% of French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec by 2023.

2. Support the successful integration and retention of French-speaking newcomers.

3. Strengthen the capacity of Francophone communities.


Watch the video below of an Immigrant living in French in Canada


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Below is Minister Ahmed Hussen’s Message about the Francophone Immigration Strategy which you can also find in this link:

I am pleased to release Meeting Our Objectives: Francophone Immigration Strategy. This approach outlines the Government of Canada’s vision for Francophone immigration in Francophone minority communities. It is a comprehensive plan to achieve our goals of attracting and retaining more French-speaking newcomers.

As Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, I have met with French-speaking newcomers and members of Francophone communities from coast to coast to coast. Through numerous discussions, I have listened to the diverse experiences and needs of these individuals and communities. I have also witnessed their determination to contribute to our country’s diversity and inclusion.

The Action Plan for Official Languages – 2018-2023: Investing in Our Future provided nearly $500 million over five years in support of official languages, including $40.8 million for Francophone immigration initiatives. These historic investments attest to the Government of Canada’s commitment to promoting French and English – our official languages – and enhancing the vitality of official language minority communities.

Our government remains committed to the principle of “par et pour”, ensuring that services for Francophones are offered by Francophones. I am proud of our achievements to date.

We are investing up to $11 million over five years for pre-arrival settlement services for French-speaking newcomers. A Francophone organization will be able to provide French services to French-speaking newcomers arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport. We are developing better access to language testing for prospective French-speaking applicants to economic immigration programs. And we were pleased with the overwhelming response to our Welcoming Francophone Communities Initiative.

Canada’s Francophone Immigration Strategy will expand existing initiatives and address current gaps. Actions such as the Francophone Integration Pathway will also strengthen our commitment to deliver high-quality settlement services to newcomers across the country.

Most importantly, this strategy will ensure a strong focus on innovation, evidence-based policy making and improved results. This strategy will guide Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s efforts in the years to come.

I look forward to continuing to advance our collective commitment to Canada’s linguistic duality and Francophone immigration.


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