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Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Global Talent Stream (GTS) Canada

If you have a unique talent or are highly-skilled in your profession you can look forward to a great career in Canada. Use your skills to gain entry to the Global Talent Stream (GTS) right away.

This program was launched in 2017 to help Canadian businesses gain an edge over their competitors in the global market by hiring good professionals no matter their country of origin. If you’re such a professional, you are very lucky as this is a fast track path to working in Canada, with applications processed in as little as 10 – 14 days.

Eligibility Conditions for the Global Talent Stream

There are basically two ways you can use the Global Talent Stream to obtain a work permit for Canada:

  • You were referred to the GTS by one of the program’s designated partners and you are a person with a unique and specialized talent.
  • You have a job offer from an employer looking to hire highly-skilled workers for a profession included on the Global Talent Occupations List.


Conditions for employers using GTS
The Global Talent Stream is part of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, so the employer must comply with all TFWP requirements before they are allowed to hire foreign talents.

For instance, they must present a Labour Market Benefits Plans (LMBP), showing that hiring a foreign worker will help the company create more jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Also they must show that by bringing in a foreign talent they transfer new skills, which will allow the company to grow and be more competitive.

The Canadian employer needs to produce evidence that theirs is a legitimate business and that they provide goods or services, directly related to the skills of the foreign worker they want to hire.

The employer must also show what conditions they are prepared to offer to the foreign workers they want to hire. Here are a few things that might interest you.


Employers must pay the foreign talent the same wages they would pay a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the same job.

Job Responsibilities

The Canadian employer is not allowed to exploit in any way the foreign worker hired through the GTS. The foreigner worker will only do the work they were hired for and nothing else. The foreign talents are protected by the same laws covering Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

This refers to:

  • Hours of work (including overtime)
  • Compensation
  • Work conditions
  • Termination of employment (the employer is not allowed to fire you at will)

If it is a unionized position, the foreign worker will enjoy the same benefits as local union members. This refers to work conditions, terms and wages, so there’s no discrimination against non-resident workers.

Workplace Safety
The laws regulating the rights of Canadian workers, apply to foreigners as well. If required by law, the foreign talents will get workplace safety insurance.

Language restrictions
A Canadian employer advertising a position that falls under the GTS must specify the language requirements – English or French.

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