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How I Got A Job In 23 Days With No Canadian Experience

Here’s how I got a job in 23 days with no Canadian experience. My Job Application Process in 23 days with Proof (step-by-step). Basic matters most. It doesn’t matter how skilled we are or how many years of experience we have or what our position is, when it comes to finding a job, we need to pass the resume screening and to do that our resume needs to be optimized and tailoured to the Job Description.

Educational Video about how to I got a Canadian Job Offer in 23 Days

Applying for a job is a System. It doesn’t end after sending out our resume, in fact it’s just the second step. I normally consider each action as a task that I should achieve and I must achieve no matter what, and for every task there are steps that I need to take to complete that task. I am a very procedural type of person because I believe that this is the best way to complete a task (focusing at one task at a time) but focus on higher priority tasks first and tasks that provide higher return. Sometimes our attitude towards finding a job also plays an important role. Enthusiasm and Passion will get us the Job, in fact, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing our enthusiasm”


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