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How to Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa, Work Permit and Permanent Residence

The biggest benefit you’ll get from being in Canada is a better chance of getting a job interview, since most companies prefer to hire people who are already in the country. The best way to get a job is to have a face-to-face interview, especially if you want to get a Job under the AIPP or RNIP.


Getting a job interview is hard, but making connections with hiring managers and corporate employees before moving to Canada makes a big difference. A visitor’s visa only costs $100. If CIC wants you to go through Biometrics, an extra $85 is added to the $100 application fee. Here’s how to apply for a Canadian tourist visa, a work permit, and Permanent Residence.


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Educational Video on how to Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa and become a PR


1. Learn how to apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa/ Visitor Visa/ Temporary Resident Visa

2. Learn how to create an Invitation letter if someone (a family, a relative or a friend) wants to sponsor you to stay in Canada

3. Learn how important it is to be in Canada to have a higher chance of landing a Job Interview specially if you are applying for AIPP or RNIP

4. Learn how to apply for a Canadian Work Permit or Working Visa

5. Learn a tourist visa will help you land a job in Canada

6. Learn the practical ways to do while in Canada such as getting a SIM Card etc.

7. Learn why it is very important to visit headhunters as soon as you arrive in Canada

8. Learn why employers are glad to hire people who are physically in Canada

9. Learn how to apply for Canadian PR after getting your work permit

10. Learn what to do after getting a Canadian Job Offer


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