Canada is an immigration-friendly country and everyone specially the skilled workers are invited to apply through Express Entry. The earlier you apply the better as Canada needs more than 1 Million+ immigrants in the next 3 years!

This video will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating an Express Entry (EE) Profile Online. Here’s the Good News from CNN about Canada wanting 1 Million+ more Immigrants:

Video on how to create your Express Entry Profile

Please click the button below to watch the Full Video. Simply search for the Title: EXPRESS ENTRY 2019 PROFILE CREATION | COMPLETE CANADA PR VISA ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS

In a nutshell, there are 4 stages to Creating an Express Entry (EE) Profile Online

1. Creating your GCKey – this is used to log in to your account

2. Creating an Account – this is basically your EE Profile (It contains your Profile Number, UCI, Biometrics Info, CRS Score etc..)

3. Determining your Eligibility – Know whether you are eligible to apply for EE. You must satisfy the requirements before you can create an EE Profile

4. Filling out the Application Form

a. Personal Details    b. Contact Details    c. Study and Languages    d. Application Details    e. Representative    f. Work History 

Just to recap, here are the three stages when applying for PR:

1st Stage: Obtain your IELTS and ECA Report and Compute for your CRS Score

2nd Stage: Creating an Express Entry Profile Online (this is what this video is all about. We’re on the second stage)

3rd Stage: Passport Request and Visa Stamping

Here are some reminders when creating your EE Profile

1. Have the following ready when you start creating your profile:

2. Once you’ve started, you have ONLY 60 days to complete your profile. You can always save and exit and go back at a later day but you MUST complete it within 60 days.

3. Upon creating your profile, you MUST register for Job Bank right away coz you only have 30 days to register

4. Use your GCKey to log in to your account. This is the very first step you will take when creating your online profile. If you wish to continue at a later time, use your GCKey as your login credential

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