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How to find Companies that Hire New Immigrants

How to find companies that hire new immigrants

Being a newcomer, you might discover that your abilities and qualifications are overlooked. It’s particularly challenging to find the correct type of employer willing to hire you. The most difficult part is obtaining sufficient Canadian accreditation to enable you to bypass the Canadian Standards barrier.

So, How Can an Immigrant Find Work?
The great news is that several organizations located throughout Canada can reap the benefits and skills of talented immigrants. Indeed, a few services and programs exist to encourage businesses to hire immigrants. As an immigrant, there are several things you may do to increase your chances of finding work.

Start your Canadian Career by Uploading your Resume 

Finding a Sponsoring Employer
If you are considering immigrating to Canada while still living in your home country, keep in mind that numerous firms that use foreign workers may already be recruiting aggressively in your country.

To locate prospective employers before moving to Canada:

  • Consult your nearest Canadian embassy to determine whether any Canadian businesses are holding job fairs in your location.
  • Search for your area for industry organizations that may conduct job fairs or trade exhibits that feature Canadian businesses.
  • Consult universities offering degree programs in your industry to determine whether they organize employment fairs featuring Canadian companies.

Canadian businesses will specifically target countries recognized to have a substantial pool of experienced people for certain professions. For instance:

  • Australia is a desirable destination for tourism-related jobs due to the fact that Australian students are on summer vacation throughout the Canadian winter.
  • In the Philippines and India, home support workers are often found.

Identifying An Employer That Hires Immigrants
The easiest technique to determine whether an employer will hire you is to inquire about the previous hiring of immigrants. If the company has previously hired immigrants, it will likely do so again. Consult your network to determine whether anyone is aware of companies that hire immigrants. Whether feasible, visit the companies in person to determine if any potential positions are open.

Canada has a number of unique policies that encourage Canadian businesses to hire immigrants. Additionally, numerous internship and mentorship opportunities are offered. Participate in these activities to connect with individuals who may assist you in obtaining a job in Canada. Two such programs are listed below.

Career Pathways for Skilled Immigrants: This is a comprehensive program that will provide you with assistance and assistance in developing an action plan according to your profile.

Canada Career Site: This initiative equips businesses with additional resources to attract, retain, and support immigrants.

Express entry
The IRCC – Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada – launched the Express Entry system in 2015. Canadian employers may employ Express Entry candidates if they are unable to fill a position with permanent residents or Canadians.

Be sure you have an Express Entry Profile as companies and provinces are constantly looking for Skilled Workers to fill in In-Demand Jobs.

Improve Your Resume
Each country’s resume format is unique. Thus, it is somewhat naive to believe that your previous résumé will suffice in Canada. Indeed, the country includes a section on proper résumé formatting for newcomers. Before submitting your CV to employers, carefully read this section. The resume is the first step toward making an impression on prospective employers; thus, do not dare to fall short in this area.

Learn how to Improve your Resume
Reach out on Experts to help you build a Strong Canadian Resume

Develop Your Networking Skills
Networking is helpful in acquiring insight into various businesses. These tidbits of information act as the elixir that enables you to take control of the game. Another motivation to engage in good networking is to establish critical contacts.

Bear in mind that about 50% of posts are filled without ever being posted publicly. Thus, networking enables you to obtain critical information about employment openings that you would not have discovered otherwise. This requires you to spread your reputation and goodwill both socially and professionally so that when the moment is right, you receive that pivotal call first.

Volunteering is an excellent method of expanding your network. There, you’ll discover people from various walks of life working side by side. Make an effort to get to know them to broaden your social circle. Don’t forget about virtual networking sites, as they may play an equal role in your networking efforts.<

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