Students and Families can now travel to Canada! This is just one of the big news that I am about to explode in the video which you can watch later down at the very end of this page. I have created a 20+ minute long, complete and detailed presentation of the latest Updates on Canadian Immigration. The video starts with learning about the different critical dates for October and beyond which is discussed in great detail in the video.

As we all know, learning the news is important but learning how to take advantage of the news is much more important. What do you do when you read a news? How do you break down the steps that you must take to fully take advantage of the news? For instance, “Students and Families can now travel to Canada”. Now what’s next? If we take a deeper look at this news, it emphasizes that these group of people are now allowed to travel to any city or province of Canada after having been locked out in their home countries (as in the case of students) or prevented from travelling to Canada (as in the case of families) which is indeed a very good news for them.

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Aside from the news above, what else do we have in the pipeline? How about for aspiring Immigrants, Skilled Workers, Work Permit Holders and alike?

Feel free to watch the entire video as I explain a lot of concepts in details, it will be great if everyone of us has a good understanding of these concepts as we work towards achieving our goals.

Information on eligibility and the process for travel and entry to Canada for compassionate reasons will be available on October 8, 2020, on the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website,

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