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Manitoba Business Investor Stream — Farm Investor Pathway

manitoba farm investor
The Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway is one of the two pathways for business immigration through the province’s Business Investor Stream. For people with the skills and financial resources to start an agricultural enterprise in Manitoba, this pathway provides a road to permanent residency.

The present application system was scheduled to be modernized in 2018, but it has been delayed for years so expect some changes when the different updates are rolled out.

Manitoba immigration officials have created an interim application procedure as part of the “soft launch” of the stream, as we will discuss below.

This system allows possible nominees to register their interest in the pathways by submitting necessary documentation, although Manitoba has said that the process will be online once the forthcoming reforms to the MPNP are completely implemented.

Keep in mind that the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) states that as long as you are looking to set up a farm that does not produce primary products, you may be qualified under the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements?

CriteriaMinimum Requirement
Farm Business Experience

You must have at least 3 years of farm ownership and operation experience that can be proved through verifiable documentation.


Language ability

This pathway acknowledges that proficiency in either of Canada’s two official languages is a vital adaptation skill that will improve your capacity to establish yourself economically in rural Manitoba.

If you are asked to a FIP interview, you must complete the interview in either French or English.

Farm Business Investment

You will be required to invest a $300,000 minimum and establish your farming business in rural Manitoba.


Investments must be made through valid tangible assets as declared by the MPNP. Take note that investments into farm businesses that are operated primarily for acquiring passive investment income or speculative purposes are not valid under this stream.


Additionally, a farm business plan is an integral requirement to your application for this stream.

Farm Business Research VisitYou must go to Manitoba for a Farm Business Research Visit.
Farm Business Activities

A farm business entity should engage in regular and recurrent business operations in rural Manitoba, be economically viable, and be engaged in primary agricultural production.


Furthermore, you must live on the farm and actively engage in the operation of the farm business from within Manitoba on an ongoing basis.


Additionally,  the MPNP mandates you to engage in value-added agricultural business operations in Manitoba. The MPNP does not allow for purely speculative activity or the employment of third-party farm managers.

Economic Establishment AdaptabilityYou must show adaptability in terms of practical farming abilities, technical knowledge, and expertise in technologically-based farming techniques that will immediately transfer to Manitoba’s current primary farm production industry.
Net Worth

You must possess a minimum personal net worth of $500,000.


The MPNP may request that a recognized third-party service provider verify your net worth and financial information. If they do, you must submit the verification report, together with your application, to the MPNP within 120 days after receiving your Invitation to Apply.

What are the steps to gain Permanent Residence status through this pathway?

1. Survey the province of Manitoba.

In addition to satisfying the basic requirements for the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway, as described above, potential candidates must additionally complete an Interest Guidelines Form to prove their education, farm business experience, adaptation to life and business in Manitoba, language ability, research on Manitoba business and any exploratory travels taken, net worth, and economic goals.

If you want to apply through this route, the MPNP recommends that you conduct an extensive study on current Manitoba farming practices.

All proposals must show relevance within Manitoba’s agricultural industry and be similar in terms of scale, usage of technology and technical methods, equipment, and production output.

All prospective applicants must demonstrate that their agricultural abilities, technical knowledge, and experience will immediately translate to primary farm production in Manitoba.

2. Fill out the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms thoroughly.

You can fill the Farm Business Concept Form out after studying the potential farm business and touring the province. This section describes your existing agricultural experience as well as your intended operation in Manitoba.

3. Send the MPNP your Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms.

The application procedure consists of two steps.

To begin, the initial forms must be sent through email. This comprises the Interest Guidelines, the Farm Business Concept Form, and the Immigration Representatives’ Code of Conduct if you are using a representative.

It is not an application to the MPNP — potential candidates who submit these forms will be informed if they are qualified to submit a complete application or not.

According to Manitoba immigration officials, if a potential applicant does not match the minimal stream criterion requirements above, their business concept will not be considered.

4. Fill out an application for the MPNP.

After their Self-assessment and Business Concept forms have been examined, eligible applicants may obtain a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) during the interim period.

The LAA includes further information regarding essential papers as well as instructions for filing a comprehensive application to the MPNP.

This involves a net worth verification performed by an authorized third-party source. Keep in mind that all documentation and fees must be completed and submitted within 120 days after acquiring an LAA.

5. Evaluation of the application.

An interview could be conducted as part of the examination and evaluation of each application. Should your application fit the standards of the MPNP, you will be awarded a certificate of nomination. Applicants that are selected for nomination must sign a Deposit Agreement and make a CAD$75,000 deposit.

It is important to note that if you acquire a certificate of nomination, you will not have a Canadian permanent resident status yet; nonetheless, you will be eligible to enter Canada and secure a work permit.

6. Submit a Permanent Resident status application.

After being nominated, you can apply to the Canadian government for permanent residency.

7. Launch a farm business in the province of Manitoba.

You can come to Canada and start your agricultural company once you have been granted Canadian permanent residence status.

Within 30 days of becoming a permanent resident, you must submit updated contact information to the MPNP. With the assistance of the Firm Consulting Officers, the Business Consulting Unit (BCU) may provide data, feedback, and assistance as you establish your business.

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