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Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
The Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway is one of many immigration streams available under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers. The Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway is intended for foreign nationals who have been evaluated from outside Canada by the MPNP and a qualifying employer and have received an Invitation to Apply from the MPNP.

Individuals that are successfully nominated through this pathway will be asked to submit an official application for permanent residency. The MPNP Ranking System is used in this stream to rank potential candidates against each other. Only the most competitive individuals will be invited to submit a formal application to the program.

What are the minimum requirements for applicants to be eligible?

Here is a quick rundown of the minimum eligibility requirements for the Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway:

Do I need an Express Entry Profile?No, you do not need to have an existing Express Entry Profile.
Is there a minimum age requirement?Candidates in this stream must be between the ages of 21 and 45.
Do I need connections to the province?Existing connections to the province are not required.
Do I need an existing job offer?Yes, to be explained further below.
What are the minimum language proficiency requirements?

The minimum requirements are:


●     CLB 4 for NOC C or D

●     CLB 5 for any other NOC 0, A, or B

●     CLB 6 for Compulsory Trades

●     CLB 7 for Regulated Occupations


Language test must’ve been completed within the 2 years preceding application to the program.

What is the minimum educational level required?There is currently no minimum educational level required, but there are things to note which will be discussed below.
Are there work experience requirements?Yes, work experience is required. See further details below.
Is there an investment requirement?There is currently no investment required to qualify.


What are the minimum requirements for the job offer criteria?
A candidate must also have attended an MPNP recruiting session outside of Canada to be qualified for this stream. As part of the recruiting process, the candidate must have met with MPNP personnel and a Manitoba company. After the interview, the company must make a formal offer for permanent, full-time employment in Manitoba.

What is the required minimum educational level?
All applicants should have post-secondary education in the field of their choice. If the position needs licensing or certification to practice in Manitoba, the candidate must first apply to the regulatory authority to get this certification before applying to MPNP. In some situations, applicants with employment offers at NOC Skill Level C or D may be eligible to apply to the MPNP even if they have no post-secondary education.

Are there work experience requirements?
Applicants for this stream should have at least two years of work experience in the profession of their Manitoba job offer. This must have been achieved during the previous five years of application. In some situations, the employer may determine that relevant experience besides the two years is required.

Do I need a settlement plan and funds?
All MPNP applicants must submit a settlement plan detailing their plan for integrating into life in Manitoba and be able to prove that they fulfill specific provincial settlement finance criteria. Candidates in Manitoba must demonstrate access to a minimum of CAD 10,000, with an extra CAD 2,000 per spouse and accompanying dependent. This is the provincial requirement; the conditions for submitting a federal immigration application may differ.

How do I apply?
The Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway runs on an Expression of Interest (EOI) approach within the Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream. Candidates who match the basic stream criteria can create an account on the MPNP Online platform.

Following the submission of their profiles, candidates will be assigned a score and ranked against one another using the MPNP Ranking System. During one of the MPNP Draws, the top-ranked applicants will be granted a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA).

After receiving an LAA, an applicant has 60 days to submit a comprehensive application to MPNP. The application is available online using the applicant’s MPNP Online account. They will be given a Manitoba provincial nomination for permanent residence should their application be approved.

They are sent a nomination package that will include instructions on how to complete and file a federal application for permanent residency.

Provincial candidates have six months from the time of their nomination to apply for permanent residency. They must complete a paper application and mail it to the proper application center.

On average, paper-based PNP applications for permanent residency are resolved around 18 months.

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