A total number of 191 candidates received a Letter of Advice to apply under three different streams.

The first stream is the Skilled Worker Stream wherein 152 candidates were invited of which 528 is the ranking score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited.

The second stream is the International Education Stream wherein 25 applicants received an LAA.

The third stream is the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream in which 14 candidates were invited directly by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative of which 611 is the ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited.

Among the 191 invitees, 20 of them declared a valid Express Entry ID and job seeker validation code.

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The Data below shows the number of Expressions of Interest drawn and issued a letter of advice to apply, as well as the number of business concepts submitted. SW stands for Skilled Worker, LAA for Letter of Advice to Apply and BIS for Business Investor Stream.

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