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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

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The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) allows foreign nationals who possess the skills and experience identified by the province of Manitoba to become Canadian permanent residents. This Provincial Nominee Program intends to be responsive to the province’s labor market needs as well as its broader economic ambitions. If you want to know what the province is looking for, they have a list of Occupations In-Demand. This list is regularly updated and indicates the province’s current priorities.

What Immigration Streams Are Available Under The Manitoba PNP?
Each of the major Manitoba immigration streams is explained briefly below.

Skilled Worker Stream

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

The Manitoba PNP’s skilled worker stream is focused on the specific demands of the province’s employers. It selects individuals with the necessary abilities who have been trained in another country and provides them a nomination for a Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. This immigration stream prioritizes individuals who have a strong attachment to the province of Manitoba and is further broken into two sub-categories:

  • Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
    This pathway is for those who are currently employed in Manitoba through a Provisional Work Visa. This includes overseas graduates from qualified post-secondary institutions in Canada and provisional workers.
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
    This pathway is meant for applicants that currently reside overseas that have valid and legitimate job offers from authorized Manitoba employers

Skilled Worker Overseas
The Skilled Worker Overseas Pathway includes both a dedicated Express Entry stream and a Provincial stream. This pathway aims to nominate skilled workers from overseas who are trained and competent in one of the current in-demand jobs in Manitoba. Your work experience, training, and language proficiency are important factors, and if you have a common-law partner, spouse, or close family in Manitoba, your application will be prioritized. The two streams under this pathway are:

  • Manitoba Express Entry Stream
    This stream is made for overseas applicants who are eligible via other MPNP streams, are eligible under Express Entry, and currently possess an active Express Entry profile. Moreover, candidates must possess skills, training, and work experience that are relevant to one of the in-demand jobs in Manitoba and close family connections in the province.
  • Human Capital Pathway
    The human capital pathway is for skilled workers who reside overseas but possess the relevant skills, work experience, and training for one of the in-demand occupations in the province of Manitoba. Nominees must also prove that they can and will find a job as soon as they arrive in the province.

International Education Stream
This stream is mainly for international students graduating from accredited colleges and universities in Manitoba. This provides them faster means of nomination while meeting the needs of multiple Manitoba industries at the same time. This stream has three sub-categories:

Career Employment Pathway
This International Education Stream pathway helps accelerate the nomination for international students that come from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses. Nominees under this pathway must be able to contribute to innovation factors in Manitoba.

International students who graduate in Manitoba and currently possess an employment opportunity in an In-Demand Occupation in Manitoba do not need to work for 6 months before they apply.

Graduate Internship Pathway
This pathway is directed towards candidates who possess Doctorates and Post-graduate Degrees. The nomination of qualified accelerated is expedited through internships that ultimately contribute to innovating certain Manitoba internships.

The graduates who have completed Mitacs Accelerate or Elevate internships are allowed to submit their applications as soon as they graduate. Those nominated under this stream do not need to have a standing job offer.

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot
This pilot program is directed towards international graduates from accredited Manitoba institutions that want to start a business in the province. One of the requirements for applicants before they are nominated for permanent residency is the fulfillment of the Business Performance Agreement conditions.

Business Investor Stream
The Business Investor Stream is intended for qualified foreign entrepreneurs and business investors. There are two pathways under this stream, which are:

Entrepreneur Pathway
This pathway is for those who want to build a business in Manitoba and are initially extended a Provisional Work Visa. Nomination for permanent residency is only offered to nominees as soon as their business fulfills the Business Performance Agreement Condition.

Farm Investor Pathway
This pathway is aimed at individuals who want to start and manage a farm in rural Manitoba. Like the Entrepreneur Pathway, applicants under this pathway are only nominated for permanent residency as soon as their business fulfills the Business Performance Agreement Condition.

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