A new Canadian Immigration Program is about to launch later this year and as time goes by, people are becoming very very excited under this new program. In fact, new updates have been provided by the Canadian government on how this program will work which we will cover in the video below. To give you an example of the features of this program, think about the previously launched Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program also called the AIPP or the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program called RNIP or the Regional Immigration Pilot Program called the RIPP. Similar to these programs, the new program will be employer-driven which means to be considered for this program you need to have an arranged employment. Now you might think that is is quite challenging to get a Job in Canada but to be really frank with you, it is not. This is because majority of applicants lack the proper materials to find a job. When I say materials, these include a resume, a cover letter and a LinkedIn Profile. If you can manage to get these materials perfectly, then chances are you are going to make it through this new program.

Well, before going any further, let’s take a look at what this program is and also learn about the latest updates about International Students and Foreign workers that could give you an idea on how to strategize to make it through this new Immigration program.

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