As the province enters Stage 2 of the provincial reopening plan, Ontario eyes next phase of reopening.

Meanwhile, this is how it looks like in Toronto Malls and major public areas including Dundas Square, subway stations, Nathan Philips Square, streets and specially the newly re-opened Toronto Eaton Centre.

After staying indoors for a long time, I had the opportunity to visit Toronto Eaton Centre in the weekend to buy some face masks, clothings, food and santizers, and this is how it looks like in the mall during the second stage of the reopening plan.

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Before you get into any stores, you will need to sanitize to make sure you are not bringing virus onto the store. In almost every places in the mall, there is a sanitizing area. I noticed the signage in every corner that reminds shoppers to practice physical distancing (at least 2 meters away from each other).

Atleast 80% of the stores have reopened and each store has a protocol to follow in order to protect the staff and prevent people from spreading the virus. Some stores have huge line up but for the most part it is not crowded as you might think Eaton Centre is.

ajority of the shoppers wear a face mask and follow the rules such as maintaining social distance and using the sanitizers. I think that if people are disciplined, we can quickly get into the third phase of the reopening plan.

Now what does Stage 3 looks like?

Stage 3 would see a further relaxing of public health restrictions on public gatherings, as well as reopening all workplaces. Just like Stage 2, health officials may need to reapply or tighten certain public health measures, depending on how many new COVID-19 cases are being reported. Concerts and sporting events, however, will continue to be restricted for the foreseeable future. Moving into the next stage would be welcome news for thousands of small businesses across Ontario, which are considering bankruptcy.


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