Over the last couple of years, Canada has been launching Pilot Programs to resolve the rising labour shortage problem. Indeed, there is skills shortage in the country and in order to fix this issue, Canada has given Canadian employers the ability to hire talents not only across Canada but also outside Canada. Among the pilot programs recently launched is the British Columbia Tech Pilot Program also known the B.C. Tech Pilot. The pilot has supported over 4200 technical workers to be nominated for permanent residence since its launch in May 2017 and in order to provide B.C. Tech employers with the continued ability to recruit and retain international talent, the pilot program has been extended until June 2021.

Another pilot program that has been extended is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program also known as the AIPP. This pilot will continue to invite immigrants to apply for Permanent Residence until the last day of December 2021.

Both the pilots will be expiring in 2021 and biggest question is, will they become a permanent fixture for Canadian Immigration? As you may know, a pilot program is temporary until some time that it becomes permanent depending on how it performs. Meaning, does the pilot program help bring down the unemployment rate? Does it resolve Canada’s labour shortage problem? We will be finding out the answer to these questions in the near future.

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Meanwhile you can watch the videos below to learn about these pilot programs – the BC Tech Pilot and AIPP.



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