Prince Edward Island is one of the most sought province in the Atlantic Canada due to its geographical location. It is located in one of eastern Canada’s maritime provinces, off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The large island is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland, and is renowned for seafood like lobster and mussels. Charlottetown, the capital, is home to Victorian government buildings & the modern Confederation Centre of the Arts, with a theatre and art gallery.

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Among the majour industries in Prince Edward Island are Tourism, Fishing and Farming. This gives us an idea of what are the most in-demand NOC Codes or Occupations in this beautiful Island of Canada. Of course, the province welcomes immigrants from across different occupations.

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There are plenty of pathways to Immigrate to the province of Prince Edward Island. Among them is the Skilled Worker Stream. This is one of the most admired streams due to its leniency in terms of eligibility requirements. If you are someone who has a minimum of 2-years degree or diploma, has a minimum IELTS CLB Level of 4 and in the age bracket of 18 to 59, then this is the stream that might just be for you.

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Other than the PEI’s Skilled Worker Stream, another easier way to Immigrate to this Island is through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. This is probably the easiest way for Immigrants to settle in Canada specially if you have very low CRS score as this pathway does not require a CRS score unlike the Express Entry Program. Go ahead and watch the video below to learn about the detailed Step-By-Step process to Immigrate to Canada through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

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