Complete Step-by-step Process on HOW TO GET 600 POINTS through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream. If you want to migrate to Canada but could not clear the cut-off score (or have low CRS score) then this video will help you uncover one option that could change your life:)

Not many talks about OINP Human Capital Priorities Stream and this video we will unleash the truth behind Ontario’s hidden gem 🙂 Unlike most PNP, this stream does not require a Job Offer in order to get a nomination. Please follow the entire video in order to be knowledgeable about this Stream and direct you to the right pathway to Immigration.

Video on how to Apply for Provincial Nominee Program – OINP

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In this video, we will answer the following questions and the process of applying for OINP will be clear to you after watching the whole video:

1. What is PNP and OINP?
2. What is Ontario's Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream?
3. What are the steps to take in order to get additional 600 more points?
4 My CRS Score is low, am I eligible for OINP under Human Capital Priorities Stream?
5. Do I have 67 points in the Six Selection Factors? How can I compute for my score?
6. How can I apply for OINP?
7. How much does it cost to apply for OINP?
8. What is NOI?
9. How do I receive the Notification of Interest (NOI) from Ontario and what do I do after receiving the offer letter?
10. How long should I apply after receiving the NOI?
11. When will I get an Invitation to Apply after getting additional 600 points?
12. What are the rules that I should follow once I get an Ontario Nomination?
13. Who are eligible under Ontario's Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream?
14. I'm a student, can I apply under the  Human Capital Priorities Stream?
15. What are the requirements before I can apply for OINP?
and many more

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