According to Quebec’s new immigration strategy, which was unveiled on October 28, the province is looking to admit up to 52,500 new permanent residents by 2022, plus another 18,000 or more to compensate for a lack of immigrants during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Economic immigrants will make up around two-thirds of individuals accepted to live in Quebec permanently, through programs such as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Quebec Experience Program, as well as a variety of smaller company immigration schemes.

In addition, thousands of qualified family class immigrants and refugees will be admitted to Quebec.

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

The Quebec Immigration Department presents an annual strategy for immigration numbers. It shows how many new permanent residents the province plans to welcome in the future year, as well as the categories into which they will be accepted.

The Quebec government has lately implemented a number of key new steps to expedite the admission of foreign employees in the province, in addition to expanding immigration objectives. One of them is increasing the percentage of temporary foreign employees that businesses in specified sectors of the economy can hire from 10% to 20% of their workforce.