Due to the ongoing health crisis and the impact of the pandemic, Quebec will not be able to achieve the expected number of immigrants to be accepted this year. Instead of the projected maximum number of 44,500, only 30,500 immigrants will be admitted in 2020.

Because of this, Quebec is increasing the immigration levels for 2021 as announced earlier today. Based on the PLAN D’IMMIGRATION DU QUÉBEC 2021 released today, Quebec could welcome between 44,500 and 47,500 immigrants in 2021 including a rebalancing plan with the admission of an additional 7,000 new immigrants.

Majority of new admissions to Quebec in 2021 will be coming from the Economic Immigration Program. This include Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs and other Economic Categories.

Below you can find Quebec’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2021.

Speaking of Economic Immigration Program, if you are planning to come to Canada through this program, feel free to watch the video below to find out the complete step-by-step process.


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One last thing, as you know, Quebec does not follow the Express Entry System, so a CRS score is not required. However, in case you chose to immigrate to provinces other than Quebec and find it difficult to improve your CRS Score, this link may be very helpful for you.

Immigrating to Canada with a Very Low CRS Score