There is apparently a huge demand for IT Professionals in Canada especially in the Cybersecurity Industry. Over the past few years, hundreds of Canadian businesses and critical infrastructure providers including multiple hospitals and schools have been hit by ransomware attacks.

Projections show a need for 40 to 50,000 cybersecurity professionals across the country by 2023 especially in Manitoba. Canada often ranks among the top countries impacted by ransomware, although international comparisons are limited by gaps in data and contrasting methodologies.

According to Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, it is almost certain that cybercriminals will continue to scale up their ransomware operations and attempt to coerce larger payments from victims by threatening to leak or sell their data online.


Here are Top Cities to work in Cyber Security in Canada.

Toronto, Ontario

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Montreal, Quebec

Vancouver, British Columbia

Calgary, Alberta


And Here are the Top Jobs to Apply for:

Computer Programmers

Computer Network Technicians

Cyber Security Analyst 

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Web Designers and Developers