Saskatchewan invites 570 candidates to apply to the SINP under the International Skilled Worker In-Demand stream.

As you may know, Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program constantly pulls candidates from SINP’s online application system. This time, candidates who scored 68 points who has a connection to Saskatchewan or candidates who has atleast 10 years of work experience with a language level of CLB 8 or higher is pulled from the system.

Note that as you create an EOI profile, you are given points based on many factors such as your age, education, english level, work experience to name a few. The maximum points you can get is 100.

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Now how do you know whether you are going to be invited or not? Well, the system selects candidates who are more likely to succeed in the province based on their education, work experience, ability to communicate well with others and connections to the province.

Also for this particular program, you will get an invitation if your work experience is among the 50 eligible occupations. The complete list of occupations eligible under this program can be found on this link:

If you would like to know the complete step-by-step process on how to Immigrate to Canada through the SINP, feel free to watch the video that I prepared for you below.


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