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Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator

saskatchewan farm owner and operator
The Farm Owner and Operator (FOO) stream is among the three Saskatchewan PNP programs for overseas businesses interested in investing in the province.

After getting a nomination under the FOO stream, applicants can apply to the federal government of Canada for Permanent Residence.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements for this stream?
Young Farmer is a sub-stream of the Farm Owner and Operator stream. Each has its own set of eligibility rules, although they are all quite similar. You may apply if you meet all of the following requirements:

For The Farm Owner and Operator stream, you must:

  • have a lawfully generated net worth of 500,000 CAD;
  • should have knowledge and expertise in agricultural operations as an experienced farm operator;
  • prepare a viable, well-thought-out plan for a commercial Saskatchewan agricultural venture.
    For the Young Famer substream, you must:
  • have a lawfully accumulated personal net worth of $300,000 CAD minimum;
  • must be under 40 years old by the time the application is submitted;
  • have at least three years of farm ownership, management, or practical agricultural experience;
  • provide a written plan for a commercial Saskatchewan agricultural opportunity with a fair profit forecast as any recognized agricultural enterprise in Saskatchewan must have yearly revenues of at least $10,000 CAD; and
  • have marketable work abilities that is based on experience and education that will allow you to diversify your farming income.

For both streams, however, you must:

  • carry out a thorough exploration trip to Saskatchewan for at least five working days during which you must meet with a SINP representative;
  • Sign a Business Performance Agreement at a latter stage in the process to commit to acquiring and proactively running a farm in Saskatchewan. A “good faith” deposit of 75,000 CAD is required which will be refunded to you as soon as you fulfill the provisions of the Business Performance Agreement. If the criteria are not satisfied within two years of being in the province, Saskatchewan will lose the deposit.

What is the application process?
Below is a summary of the processes required in getting Permanent Residence through the Farm Owner and Operator (FOO) stream for a better understanding of the process:

1. When the stream is available, the candidate must apply to the FOO by submitting their entire application, which includes filled-out forms and all essential papers, to the SINP by courier or in person.
2. When the application is fully completed, the candidate will be issued an Acceptance of Application and Request for Processing Cost letter with instructions about how to send the 2,500 CAD application processing fee by wire transfer. The candidate will need to contact a third-party financial service provider to analyze their net worth and lawful net worth accumulation.
3. Should the nomination application be successful, the applicant will receive a Nomination Approval and Request for Deposit letter, as well as a Business Performance Agreement. Within three months of receiving the letter, the candidate must deposit a refundable 75,000 CAD Good Faith Deposit by wire transfer.
4. The candidate will be awarded the provincial nomination upon receipt of the deposit and the completed Business Performance Agreement.
5. Ultimately, within six months of obtaining the nomination, the individual may apply to the federal government for permanent residency (IRCC). Candidates must submit a paper application to IRCC, together with the nomination paperwork obtained by the SINP.

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