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Canada Student Pathway

Are you interested to study in Canada and eventually become a Canadian permanent resident? With over 400,000 international students every year, here are top reasons why people around the world choose to study and live in Canada.

1. Canada provides world Class Education for International Students
Canada is recognized as one of the best education system in the world for providing top-notch educational opportunities to international students and its citizens. It has tons of universities that have a long history and reputation in terms of academic excellence and high graduate employability rate. As a matter of fact, Canadian schools compete with top-notch universities from the US, UK and Australia for example.

2. Live in a safe place that provides high quality of life
Canada has always been considered to be one of the the safest places in the world. The crime rate is very compared to other countries and there is less racial discrimination. The country has also been regarded to provide top quality of life. Residents enjoy a free publicly funded healthcare, better employment and a stable economy.

3. Obtain work experience in Canada after you graduate
Those who obtained a Canadian degree or diploma from a post-secondary institution in Canada enjoy work programs offered by the government allowing them to enter the Canadian labour market right after graduation. Those who have a hard time getting a Job Offer in Canada from abroad find it easier to get a job in Canada.

4. It is cheaper to study in Canada than in many other countries
Tuition fees for international students in Canada are much lower than in many other countries including the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. For these reasons, studying in Canada is more preferred by people around the world who wish to obtain a post secondary education

5. International students enjoy many different immigration programs for permanent residence offered by the Canadian government.
By studying in Canada, you can apply through a variety of Canadian immigration programs that cater to international students without ever having to leave Canada. As a student, you have a better command of the English and/or French language and have already proven that you are capable of fitting into Canadian life. Because of this, Canada wants that you settle in the country permanently through the numerous student-graduate aligned immigration programs.


Immigrate to Canada through the Study-Work-PR Pathway

Get a Canadian Study Permit
Expedite your Study Permit Application through SDS
Work in Canada after your Studies through the PGWP


Canada Immigration

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