There are many compelling reasons to convert from permanent residency to Canadian citizenship. Aside from the security and pride that comes with citizenship, there are other benefits that permanent residents do not have. Here are top 10 benefits of Canadian citizenship.


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There are certain employment in Canada for which permanent residents are not eligible to apply, yet such positions are open to Canadian citizens. Certain positions need a high degree of security clearance, which can only be obtained by citizens. This contains a number of positions within the federal government. The compensation and perks associated with these positions are often quite good.


Not to be concerned about losing the Canadian status

If you do not possess dual citizenship, you are not at danger of deportation. When immigration officials order you to leave Canada, you are deported. Deported individuals are returned to their country of origin.

People are deported for committing crimes, breaching immigration regulations (e.g., gaining your immigration status unlawfully), or posing a danger to the safety of other Canadians.

If you are a Canadian citizen without any other citizenship (dual citizenship), you are not at risk of deportation.



Right to Vote

You are eligible to vote in federal, provincial, and municipal (city) elections as a Canadian citizen. Voting gives you a voice in who governs your town, city, school board, province, region, or nation.

Voting is a significant reward and duty of citizenship. Canada relies on its people’ participation in elections. This guarantees that people who are elected are representative of the kind of individuals Canadians desire to lead their nations.



There is no need to renew status

The majority of PR cards are only good for five years. In that time, it is possible to meet the requirement for living in a country for a certain amount of time. Before applying, permanent residents must have been in Canada for 1,095 days in the last five years.

Once you are a citizen, you don’t have to do anything to keep your status. Certificates of citizenship are good for life.



You can continue to receive Social Benefits

As a Canadian citizen, you continue to get free basic healthcare and public school education. You may also continue to use other government-provided social benefits, such as employment insurance or student government loans.

You can work in Canada if you have a Social Insurance Number (which permits you to work in Canada).



Your children will be Canadian Citizens

Your children will be Canadian citizens if they are born in Canada.

This implies they will not have to go through the same application procedure as you did to get Canadian citizenship. Your children will enjoy the same rights and advantages as you have as a Canadian citizen.

Some children born outside of Canada to Canadian parents were granted citizenship at birth.




Passports issued to Canadian citizens are valid for travel across the world

The Canadian passport is available to all Canadian citizens. Canadian passport holders are exempt from visa requirements in several countries.

Canada, on the other hand, accepts dual nationality. You may be eligible to travel with two passports if your country of birth accepts dual citizenship. If dual citizenship is not permitted in your country, you may want to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of holding either a Canadian or a foreign passport.



Consular Support is available to you

You can get a Canadian passport if you are a Canadian citizen. You can get help from the Canadian consulate if you travel with a Canadian passport.

The Canadian consulate might be able to help you in the following situations:

If you lose your passport; Getting into trouble abroad; If you or someone you know disappears; If you need help getting in touch with family in Canada; If you need help with money in an emergency




Canadian Citizens can run for Political Office

You have democratic rights as a Canadian citizen. This includes the capacity to run for public office. If you are interested, you may run in local, provincial, or federal elections.

If you wish to run for office, you may do so as an independent candidate who is not affiliated with any political party. Alternatively, you might begin by joining a youth wing of any of Canada’s main political parties.



Unique Tax Payments

Canada’s tax reforms are rather unusual in that taxes are based on residency rather than citizenship. A Canadian citizen who lives outside the country is not required to pay taxes. However, if they live in Canada and earn money from numerous countries, they must pay taxes to the federal government, provincial government, and local government individually.



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Over 1 Million Job Opportunities in Canada: Find Your In-Demand Job Today!

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Take advantage of ZT Canada’s Free Tools and Resources to assist you with your Canadian