According to , “President Donald J. Trump Is Putting American Workers First as We Restore Our Economy to Greatness”. President Trump is extending the pause on new immigrant visas through the end of the year to ensure the U.S. continue put American workers first during the ongoing coronavirus recovery.

Now the question is, why did Trump sign the Executive Order to ban entry of H-1B and other Visa Holders? Well, foreign workers create additional competition in Job Market for US Citizens.

The following are the list of Visas that will be impacted by the Executive Order:
H-1B Visa
H4 Visa
L1A, L1B Visa
L2 Visa
H2B Visa
J1 Visa

While below are Visas that are not impacted by the order:
F1 Visa
B1, B1 Visa
TN Visa
O1, E3 Visa
OPT Visa
Existing Green Card Holders

Also below are categories of Individuals who are exempted from the Travel Ban
Green Card Holders
Spouse of Child of US Citizens
Any FW seeking to enter US for temporary labour
Anyone whose enry is of national interest as determined by Consulate

When will the order of the ban starts? Effective 12:01 EST on June 24th, 2020

The suspension is more likely going to hurt US businesses and big companies including many Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and IBM which are the top ten recipients of H1B Visa in 2019 according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. It may actually hurt the US company and destroy jobs.

On the other hand, Canada’s policies incentivise students, workers and fast-track permanent resident and citizenship applications. Statistics Canada report 313,000 people chose Canada as their new home last year where 44,000 of which are categorized as refugees or admitted on humanitarian and/or compassionate grounds – the rest are ambitious and seeking new opportunities for their careers and their families in a safe, welcoming society and Canada is where they want to be and grow.

Canada remains committed to welcoming immigrants, foreign workers, international students and family reunification. To date, Canada is looking to welcome ove 1 Million Immigrants over the next few years.

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