Finally WES is now open and now accepts Online Submission! People think that an ECA Report is only for Immigration, but in reality, it is more than that. This video explores all the purpose of an ECA Report.

In this video I provide the 2 different ways on how you can obtain an ECA Report from WES. I made sure it is very easy to understand and follow but any questions don’t hesitate to ask me down in the comment section below. Any other questions related or not related to this video, feel free to ask.

During my PR Application, I took WES and IELTS simultaneously. As I was preparing for my IELTS exam, I also submitted my application for an ECA Report with WES. Luckily I got my evaluation report in just about 16 business days. On average, WES sends out reports in 35 business days.

Has anyone applied for an ECA report and did you get the Credential you are expecting to get? I got my degree for Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and got a 4 Years Bachelor Degree Canadian Equivalence. Other folks who have master’s degree only get a Bachelor’s degree Canadian Equivalence, this video will help you with the steps in order to maximize your points by doing the right application.

Here are the links for your convenience

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